The Rise of the 29 Plus Mountain Bike Trend

As mountain biking continues to grow in popularity, new trends and technologies are emerging to make the most of the ever-expanding outdoor adventure. One of the most exciting new trends to hit the mountain bike scene is the 29 plus mountain bike, and its growing popularity among riders of all experience levels.

The 29 plus mountain bike is a variant of the regular 29er mountain bike, except the primary difference is that the wheels are slightly larger. The 29 plus wheel is slightly bigger at 29×3 inches, compared to the conventional mountain bike wheel which is commonly 27.5 inches in size. This larger wheel size offers a number of distinct advantages over a traditional mountain bike, including increased traction and grip on varied and challenging terrain. Not only does the increased size of the wheel provide more contact with the ground, it also creates a larger ‘footprint’ or contact area, meaning more grip on steep slopes, mud, and sand.

The 29 plus mountain bike can also reach a higher top speed than a regular 29er mountain bike. This is because of the larger wheel’s greater momentum; when energy is put into the wheel it keeps rotating much longer than a smaller wheel, thus enabling it to cover more ground with each revolution.

Another advantage of the 29 plus mountain bike is its ability to better absorb bumps and shocks. This is due to the increased size of the wheel and its superior contact area, so more of the shock generated by the terrain is spread out across a larger surface area, reducing painful feedback to the rider. Additionally, the greater stability provided by a larger wheel helps riders feel more confident in tackling more technical sections of the trail.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the 29 plus mountain bike is its weight. The larger wheel has a larger circumference, which means it requires fewer spokes and a larger tire, thus reducing overall weight. This makes the bike easier to ride, particularly up hills, allowing the rider to travel further and tackle more challenging rides.

The 29 plus mountain bike is also highly versatile; with its larger wheels, it can be used for downhill riding, trail riding, or even going on cross-country adventure rides. Additionally, in recent years more manufacturers are beginning to understand the potential of the 29 plus mountain bike, and are producing more compatible frames and components to suit the needs of riders.

The 29 plus mountain bike is becoming increasingly popular as more riders become familiar with its benefits. Aside from offering improved traction, speed, shock absorption, stability, and weight, it is also suitable for a wide range of riding styles on diverse terrain. With more and more people embracing the outdoors, the 29 plus mountain bike promises to continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.






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