gravel wheelset

What’s a gravel wheelset?

Gravel wheelsets are an increasingly popular choice for cyclists who ride trails and paths that are not as smooth or consistent as the pavement. With their wide rims and tyres, these sets of wheels can make navigating tough terrain a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

A gravel wheelset will typically differentiate from a road bike wheelset by having shallower and wider rims than a standard rim. This results in a greater contact patch with the ground, meaning the wheelset will roll smoother and faster. Wider tyres will also be better equipped to handle uneven terrain as they will have a longer tread, reducing the amount of bumps that the rider will experience.

It is also worth noting that gravel wheelsets tend to be heavier than their road bike counterparts due to the extra material needed for a strong and robust wheel. This will result in a slower response time when pedalling, however, the performance trade off is usually worth it as you gain extra stability on the trails.

Furthermore, certain gravel wheelsets will also be able to accommodate other tyre sizes, giving you the option to swap out different wheelsets depending on the type of terrain that you are riding. For example, a set of gravel wheelset with a wider rim and a larger tyre could be swapped for a more traditional slimmer wheel and tyre for road riding.

When selecting the right gravel wheelset for your bike, there are a few considerations to take into account. Firstly, it is important to consider the width of the rim when looking at different wheelsets as this will play a major role in how the bike performs off-road. Secondly, the type of hub used should also be considered – many gravel wheelsets will use a bolt-on hub opposed to a quick-release hub. Finally, it is also worth looking at the spokes that the wheelset uses as some are specifically designed to absorb shock from riding over rough terrain.

Overall, gravel wheelsets are an excellent choice for cyclists that want to take their riding off-road. With the wider and shallower rims providing a smoother ride and the higher tyre volume providing additional cushioning on the trails, these wheelsets can revolutionise the way you ride your bike.






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